Our Team

Pramen Prasad
CPA, CA, CMA Managing Partner
Ajen Prasad
CPA, CA Partner
Peyman Khayati
CPA, CGA Partner
Jeremy Horne
CPA, CA Partner
Alex Ghani
CPA, CA, CGA, CPA (Texas) Director of Taxation Services
Boris Volfovsky
CA, CPA Director of Taxation Services
S. Roger Singh
PMP Chief Technology Officer
Trish Orlando
HR Manager
Troy Bartley
CPA, CA Manager of Assurance and Business Advisory
Olga Juravlev
CPA, CA Senior Staff Accountant
Gonçalo Freitas
B. Comm (Hons) Senior Staff Accountant
Haroon Rashid
CPA Senior Staff Accountant
Troy Huang
CPA, MMPA Senior Staff Accountant
Oliver Hua
CPA, MMPA Senior Staff Accountant
Wallace Cho
CPA, CA Senior Staff Accountant
Zoe Ling
BBA Intermediate Staff Accountant
Maninder Rai
BA Intermediate Tax Accountant
Sarosh Zafar
CPA, CGA Intermediate Staff Accountant and Tax Technician
Amelia Boodhoo
BBA Intermediate Staff Accountant
Max Eslami
B.Comm (Hons) Junior Staff Accountant
Joshua Kim
MMPA Junior Staff Accountant
Jaskaran Pabla
BBA Junior Staff Accountant
Shaan Syed
Junior Staff Accountant
Jaskirat Singh
BA (Hons) Bookkeeper and Accounting Assistant
Karen Shea
Senior Bookkeeper
Mandev Rai
BAS Tax Technician & Bookkeeper
Neiva Prasad
Business Administrator & Bookkeeper
Angie Colella
Public Relations & Client Services Specialist
Mina Narvaez
Office Manager
Linda Canali
Director of First Impressions
Alyssa Howell
BA Assurance Team Project Coordinator
Faiqa Farrukh
BA Assurance Administrator
Rose Scriver
Business Administrator

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